Metro Man: Top 5 Picks For Men This Month

Valentine’s Day is not the sole holiday this month. Many of us also look forward to the extended weekend for Presidents Day on Monday, February 17th.

Following are my top grooming products and fashion picks that will help make gents look and feel better the entire month of mid-winter.

#5: Shore

Made in the U.S.A., these garments keep guys warm and in style. Shore has a vast selection of hoodies, shirts and pants, as well as swimming trunks – think lounge and resort attire for those who travel to warmer climates this season.

Shore made the hot February list not only because of their superior quality of cotton but also the range of colors to choose from. My favorite is their long sleeve slub hoodie — castlerock.

Shop here:

#4: Dermaflash

The ultrasonic device, Dermaflash, removes dirt and grime from deep down in the pores of the forehead, chin, nose, etc.

I tested and tried this gizmo and it provided a fresh and youthful complexion as new as a cupid’s whatever.

Abe Lincoln and George Washington would be impressed with its technology and effectiveness to clean up the face of all men. (Perhaps even on Mount Rushmore.)

Available at Neiman Marcus

#3 Pacific Shaving Co.

Men can get a closer shave or at the very least a groomed beard and mustache. Pacific Shaving Co. has several products to help bring some dudes out of the Neanderthal period. I chose their 3-in-1 Shaving Cream their after shave balm helps reduce redness and razor bumps.

#2: Renpure

Renpure: This family owned and operated business has several grooming and hygiene products – their shampoo and body wash made the top of best 5 list because their products are made without parabens, sulfates, and are tested on their family, not animals. This month I chose their Tea Lemon and Sage Shampoo for men’s bath or gym bag. The scent gives it extra points.

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#1: Dadawen Shoes: They are not only comfortable but come in a wild spectrum of colors. This popular and affordable footwear will help make your man’s attire less boring and predictable — I chose the fire engine red to give some heart and heat to the chill in the air.

Stylistically they add character to men’s kicks and are best worn with a pair of short-cuffed jeans on date night, a fun party or a weekend getaway.

Check ‘em out here:

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