Metro Parent Best Bet: Nunona Nutrition for New + Expecting Moms

Nunona is a whole food, plant-based, evidence-based, maternal and infant nutrition company that has translated nutritional and gestational science into delicious solutions. They’ve also created healthier humans, a healthier planet, and a snack that everyone would enjoy — but especially new and expectant moms who need and crave extra vitamins and minerals for energy. What expecting and breastfeeding moms snack on translates to lifelong health for her baby.

Nunona’s various Mama Balls, are nourishing energy balls with nutrients that help support babies’ brains and body throughout their lifetime. Nourishment during the conception and postpartum period up to two years is critical for both mama and baby, delivering benefits that could last a lifetime. These delicious snack balls are high in fiber to benefit body, breastmilk, and to bolster immunity. A full 45% of the sole source of nutrition for a baby is through the mother, so moms need nourishment in order to pass along essential nutrients in utero and while breastfeeding; plus, nursing moms need an additional 500 calories postpartum to produce breast milk.

Maternal nutrition can affect the quantity of some nutrients in breastmilk, too: vitamin A, B6, B12 and folate; iodine; selenium and fatty acids such as DHA, and the B-vitamins and DHA all factor into brain development. Nunona Mama Balls contain essential nutrients such as Omega 3, iron, and B vitamins.

Nunona offers a range of flavor profiles from Almond Coconut to Cashew Lemon, Cashew Matcha, Peanut Cacao, and Cashew Confetti, with 10% of your daily macronutrients per daily dose. Buy a variety pack to try them all, since savoring organic, whole food nutrition, protein and Omega 3 has never tasted so great! Assist with postpartum recovery and take care of yourself mentally and physically… whether you breastfeed your baby, formula feed, or do both. What you do and eat now will affect future generations.

Nunona was founded on three principles: Nurture, nourish and nature. Huge bonus: plant-based whole foods are also a way to create a healthier planet.

Price: 2-week supply / 56 bites = $31.50 (first box free!)

Available: HERE


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