Metro Parent Duo: Buggie Huggie + Xtract Energy

Check out these unique and beneficial products that make your life much easier with little ones:

Buggie Huggie
If your child is at the age where putting them in the shopping cart is not the easiest experience, then you need Buggie Huggie. This innovative product is a convenient safety solution to make sure your child stays put so that they do not fall or climb out of the shopping cart. With the Buggie Huggie your shopping experience will be less stressful and much more enjoyable. Included is a roomy tray that is great for snacks and books, hooks to attach their favorite toy, and there is an optional phone holder accessory to set up their favorite program. With the double-latch safety system and extra “hugging” restraint layer, you can be sure your child stays secure. The Buggie Huggie is recommended for children ages 12 to 48 months and it works with most shopping carts. It also passed all safety tests with CPSC and is a Gold Recipient at the Mom’s Choice Awards. Super easy to use, just buckle the safety belt, open the tray to the desired angle, secure the clips to rear of seat, and grip the claw onto handle. You are then ready for your shopping trip! Sign up for the newsletter and receive 15% off your next order plus free shipping within the US. Secure your child safe and sound and get your Buggie Huggie at

Xtract Energy
Looking for an energy boost without having to consume sugar, artificial sweeteners, and aspartame? Reach for Xtract Energy, a healthier alternative and a thirst-quenching beverage. This tasty energy drink is sugar-free, has 0 calories, and 0 aspartame. Don’t worry about the flavor because every drink is sweetened with stevia and monkfruit. What is different about Xtract Energy is that 20 mg of CBD and 120mg of caffeine have been added to every 12 oz can. CBD drinks are increasingly becoming more popular for their added health benefits. By combining CBD with an energy drink, it may aid to support clearer thoughts and attentiveness. These days, CBD has been implemented in various products to increase energy without having to take a bunch of supplements. Unlike many other energy drinks on the market, Xtract Energy is produced with all-natural ingredients, flavors, and CBD from an FDA-registered extraction facility. Keep your energy going all day with this premium drink and nab your Xtract Energy at


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