Metro Pet: Pooch Paper & Doggie Lawn = A Fantastic Metro Pet Duo

We love our pets and want to keep them happy. Check out these cleverly designed sustainable products with your pet’s comfort in mind and the environment.

If you live in an apartment, you know that taking your furry friend to go out and use the bathroom may not always be ideal. Especially if you live in a climate prone to inclement weather, freezing temperatures, or if it’s the middle of the night and you just don’t want to go outside. Say hello to DoggieLawn, the simple bathroom solution to living in an apartment with dogs. DoggieLawn is a perfect constructed pile of fresh grass that your dog will feel safe to use when going potty. Because DoggieLawn is produced with all real grass, the odors are neutralized. A low maintenance potty for your pooch, there is no extra cleaning or scrubbing. DoggieLawn is great for indoor homes, small balconies, backyards, and even to take on vacation in an RV. The environmentally-friendly fresh grass lasts for weeks and can be thrown away once when you are ready for a new lawn. DoggieLawn comes in four dog grass pad sizes to choose from: Standard, Medium, Large and XL. If you have a puppy, DoggieLawn is great to keep your new family addition safe before they are fully vaccinated. Also with each new subscriber, DoggieLawn donates to an animal shelter. So far the company has been able to help out 57 rescue locations. First-time subscribers will receive extra goodies in their first grass shipment which include complimentary gloves, poo bags and training tips. From $26 a shipment, with includes Free Shipping to anywhere in the continental US get your DoggieLawn at or on Amazon.

Pooch Paper
Take care of your dog’s business and the planet as well with Pooch Paper. This is a wonderful eco-friendly alternative to using all of those single-use plastic waste bags. Created by award-winning television producer Tracy Rosensteel, her work mission is to save our planet one pup at a time with the help of Pooch Paper. This waste paper is easy to use and carry. When your doggie goes to the bathroom, simply grab, twist the paper, and toss in the trash for a greener tomorrow. “Plastic can take over 500 years to degrade, if it ever does, and releases micro-plastics and methane into our environment” Rosensteel says. Pooch Paper is crafted from recycled non-bleached paper fibers, 100% biodegradable and compostable paper. It is manufactured using renewable energy and proudly made in the USA. Since hitting the market in 2019, this innovative paper debuted on Shark Tank just this past fall. Pooch Paper is available to all consumers, but is also preparing to launch in dispensers in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. To learn more visit or follow on social @PoochPaper


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