Mom Was Right – Stop Slouching! And Here’s Why

Slouching, slumping, and everything in between will start creating aches and pains, and beyond!

Many have been working from home for so long,  it’s time to give more thought to your posture along with changing your position and moving a few times every hour.

When discomfort occurs, not only will you experience the effects of Upper Cross Syndrome (UCS), but quite possibly Lower Cross Syndrome (LCS) as well.

Good posture means using your 640 muscles to balance your 206 bones while not irritating any of the 46 miles of nerves that course through your body.

Understandably, poor posture results are manifested in your spine. The bony spine encases and protects your spinal cord, your central nervous system, which is the CEO of your body, and is only one of two organs completely covered in bone (the other is the brain), The nerves that exit the spine go to ALL body parts, and control and coordinate movement, illustrating why posture is so important.

What is even more astonishing is that researchers have found that prolonged sitting actually increases your risk of developing chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disorders, poor circulation and even various types of cancer.  It may not be a stretch to think that poor posture is possibly making you more vulnerable to many other diseases, especially since Harvard science has proven that in just 10 minutes of poor posture, cortisol (Stress Hormone) levels increase 15%, while testosterone (Strength Hormone) decrease 10%. Additionally, more sedentary behaviours have been linked to higher levels of depression, sleep disturbances, and mental health effects. So, strike a pose! Stand arms akimbo like Superman or Wonder Woman for 10 minutes and Testosterone increases 20% and Cortisol decreases 10%.

UCS (Upper Cross Syndrome) is characterized by a series of muscular and postural imbalances of the neck and upper back.

The “/” part of the “X” (facing right) represents muscles that are tight and overactive causing rounding of the shoulders and forward head posture.

The “\” part of the ”X” (facing right) represent muscles that are weak and underactive  preventing the neck and upper back musculature from functioning optimally, as the tight muscles overpower the weak, pulling the shoulders and chin forward. Weak cervical neck flexors contribute to the lengthened dysfunctional state.

LCS (Lower Cross Syndrome) is characterized by a series of muscular and postural imbalances of your lower back and lower extremities.

The “\“ part of the ”X” (facing right) represents muscles that are tight, causing nervous system over-activity and producing unrelenting tightness of your lumbar extensor muscles (back) and your dreaded hip flexor muscle groups (front), both contributing to a shortened state.

The “/” part of the “X” (facing right) represent muscles that are weak, causing nervous system under-activity and producing weakness to your deep abdominal muscles and your gluteal muscle regions, both contributing to a lengthened state.  This biomechanical imbalance leads to an anterior pelvic tilt – increasing hip flexor strain and increasing the curvature of your lower spine.

All these forces combined lead to havoc, increasing strain to your neck and back joints causing pain, irritation and dysfunction.

If these describe you, consider making a visit to your chiropractor, who will diagnose your misalignments, and adjust with precision to reverse any unhealthy posture patterns. Poor posture could be a major contributing factor to your pain. Continue to educate, learn, and to improve your posture.

Dr. Joanne Hubley is an award-winning Doctor of Chiropractic, fitness design expert, former professional figure skater, competitive athlete, model & official for IFBB-Physique America and Founder of the uniquely innovative LIVA Health Centre, offering multi-specialty support for your Best Life. @drjoannehubley


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