My Dry Skin RESET With Onyx + Rose

Dry skin has been a constant in my life, and like most sufferers, mine tends to flare up most in the winter. I’ve heard for years that CBD products can aid in hydration and inflammation, so when I saw the Onyx + Rose skincare line I knew I HAD to try it. Since starting this regiment, my skin has never felt so dewy and smooth – I blame Onyx + Rose!

STEP 1: The Start Fresh cleanser, 25mg full spectrum CBD
I lather this gel cleanser up and massage it unto my face and neck. It has little (eco-friendly!) beads for exfoliation and is alcohol-free, so I don’t feel any skin tightness once I wash the cleanser off of my face and neck.

STEP 2: The Glow Complex serum, 50mg full spectrum CBD
After patting my face down with a towel, I go in with the Glow Complex serum and smooth it all over my skin. THIS is where the magic begins, I love the way this product makes my skin feel glazed and plump. It has hyaluronic acid (a tried-and-true hydrating ingredient), but also includes green micro-algae for anti-aging, and licorice root for its skin soothing properties.

STEP 3: Blur The Lines eye cream, 25mg full spectrum CBD.
My eye area tends to be one of the drier parts of my skin, not only due to my eyes tearing up from wind whenever I spend time outside, but also because I have yet to kick the habit of rubbing my eyes when I wake up in the morning… something to work toward in 2023! I squeeze a tiny amount onto my middle finger and dab it around my eyes, even going up my cheekbone with any extra product that remains. The formula is creamy and I can feel it de-puff and moisturize the skin around my eyes.

STEP 4: Morning routine: Dew The Most moisturizer, 60mg full spectrum CBD
If it’s the morning, I go in with the Dew The Most moisturizer. Along with hemp plant extract, this moisturizer uses peptides, squalane and (my favorite) hyaluronic acid. I love that this moisturizer is water-based and lightweight! After applying, I let the product sink in. This product makes my skin feel soft, supple and prepped to layer with makeup or sunscreen.

Evening routine: Overnight It sleeping mask, 70mg full spectrum CBD
If it’s the evening, I adjust my routine to go in with the Overnight It sleeping mask instead – my favorite product in the entire Onyx + Rose skincare line! I scoop just a bit and spread the luscious and thick cream across my face and neck. The formula includes rice bran extract, for soothing and restoring skin. Massaging the mask into my face and inhaling the soothing scent makes me feel finally ready to end my day.

STEP 5: Lip Crush lip balm, 25mg full spectrum CBD
But I can’t go to sleep without one last step. I need every part of my face hydrated before I enter total relaxation mode – can’t forget the lips! I dot a tiny amount of the Lip Crush lip balm into the center of my lips and smack them together to distribute the product throughout. When I wake up, my lips are baby-skin soft. I love to keep this balm in my work bag to reapply to my lips during the day, and sometimes I even use it on my cuticles.

For the “Skincare Junkie”, Onyx + Rose offers a bundle of the products featured above here, or go à la carte and choose your own.


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