My Experience Receiving a 24K Gold and Caviar Hair Treatment at Ineffable Hair Salon & Spa

I have never put a lot of effort into my hair. I know I overwash it with mainly drugstore products and limit my use of damaging heat. I also know that I allow my acne medication to bleach my hair and enjoy the free highlights. Aside from that, I get it washed and cut a few times a year, brush it well, and call it a day.

I recently got the opportunity to visit Ineffable Hair Salon & Spa, which was admittedly a departure from my average haircare routine. I mean, this place was just nice, you know? Immaculate, run like a well-oiled machine, and luxurious to boot. And I was intrigued by the prospect of a 24K Gold and Caviar Hair Treatment, something I had never heard of.

As far as I was concerned, gold was something I wore in the form of jewelry, and caviar was something I ate, very sparingly, if I could afford it. So for me to schedule an appointment for this treatment with celebrity hairstylist, Ricardo Gomes, was something very much out of my comfort zone. But I was more than willing to take that leap.

And the entire staff at Ineffable Hair Salon & Spa made it all so easy. First, they explained that the gold provides the hair with a much-needed deep clean of any residue or buildup, reducing collagen depletion and brightening the hair overall. And the caviar adds hydration and shine, while helping to repair the hair of any damage. The gold and caviar work together to restore your hair to an optimal state, while giving you a little pampering in the process.

Gemma Lolos at Ineffable Salon & Spa

I felt like a princess from start to finish. I was offered prosecco, chocolate, cheese bread fresh out of the oven, and water open entering the salon, and I even had a personalized name card by my chair. Then I went to get my hair washed, and boy, was that a treat! You know those movie theater seats that recline and allow you to kick your feet up? These seats were like that, but better, because while I laid back and relaxed, I was treated to an enjoyable hair washing and scalp massage.

Ineffable Salon & Spa

Then I got to meet the pleasure that is Ricardo Gomes. He may, in fact, be light in human form: well-dressed, bubbly, funny, and with talent as a bonus. He firmly believes that when it comes to the things that matter, like self-care, sometimes more is more, and that it always pays to invest in yourself. And I couldn’t disagree while he worked the treatment into my hair. I even got to wear an eye mask made with gold as well.

I let the treatment soak into my hair, sat under some heat (under heat protectant, of course), and had the treatment brushed into my wet hair before sitting under some heat again. Then I got it all washed out, and Ricardo styled my hair into flirty, I-just-woke-up-like-this beach waves.

Gemma Lolos at Ineffable Salon & SpaI felt light and carefree, and my hair looked (and smelled) amazing. Ricardo taught me about easy home treatments with products from Kérastase, which I was grateful for as a busy New Yorker who never has enough time in the day.

To learn more, visit their website HERE.

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