Nira Skincare’s Skin Renewing Laser is a Wondrous Find

Though you may apply eye creams religiously morning and night, results do not always hold up to promises. Your peepers may be hydrated temporarily but as soon as a gust of cold wind blows on them, fine lines can reemerge, more pesky than ever. This is particularly true if you have a fair epidermis with paper thin skin around the eyes. Every day I apply two different wrinkle preventing eye creams, one for the day and one for the night, but none can really erase these lines even if they prevent them from getting worse. However, I started using the Nira Skincare Laser Skin Renewing & Wrinkle Reduction, an over-the-counter device intended to treat periorbital wrinkles (i.e. wrinkles around eyes), last December and am quite happy with the results. The Nira device helps to reduce wrinkles gradually with each use. After 2 months, I noticed that the wrinkles around my peepers are definitely less deep and noticeable. When I smile, instead of seeing three long lines form automatically on each side of my eyes, the skin does not wrinkle as it used to; there are still a couple of lines next to each eye, but the larger ones are no longer there or are so faint that they hardly appear.

I love using the device because it is pain free. The light needling sensation tickles a little, but the sensation feels good, as it seems to invigorate the skin and enervate it. You feel the laser reach into the skin and “awaken” it as if it was dormant and needed a little charge to get to work and fight wrinkles. This device reminds me of the laser devices that dermatologists used to treat my skin with in the past, but it’s so much more convenient to do these treatments myself at home. I am saving so much money, too! Fully FDA-cleared to reduce fine lines and wrinkles without pain or redness, this tool should be in the hands of every woman with crow’s feet.

The device was invented by a scientist who spent his career developing advanced laser technology for professional dermatology systems around the world. The NIRA Skincare Laser is designed to be quick & easy. I only use it 2 minutes every day to stimulate natural collagen production to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

How to use the device:
Step 1
Remove all makeup thoroughly.
Cleanse your skin with your preferred skin cleanser.
Dry your face completely before beginning treatment.

Step 2
Turn on device by pressing the power button.
Identify the reject tone: While holding the device in front of you with NO direct contact with the skin, press and release the treatment button. You will hear a low-pitched beep that indicates a rejection pulse
The rejection tone indicates that the device tip did not have full contact with the skin. If you hear this tone during treatment you need to reposition the device tip making sure there is full skin contact.

Step 3
Find Your Ideal Treatment Level
Press and release the power button to adjust the power level. Set your NIRA laser to level 1.
Place the device tip on the skin as shown to the right. Press and release the treatment button with your thumb; you will hear a series of 2 beeps. The first beep indicates the laser has begun firing. The second beep indicates the laser finished firing for that one spot.
Repeat this process and continue to increase the power level until you have reached a power level where you will feel warmth without pain.

Step 4.
Using the chosen power level, hold the device tip against the skin starting at the outer corner of your eye.
Press and release the treatment button while holding the device tip in place until you hear a series of 2 beeps approximately one second apart indicating that spot has been treated successfully.
Reposition the device so it is slightly overlapping the previous treatment spot then press and release the treatment button again.
Repeat this process for 40 pulses on each eye. Once 40 pulses successful pulses have been completed, you will hear a set of three fast-paced-jingle-like tones that indicate the treatment for that eye is complete.
Repeat this process for the opposite eye.
Power down the device by holding down the power button until the NIRA logo and power level lights turn off. NIRA will also power down after two minutes without use.

Use the device daily according to the instructions for 90 days or more. You may use twice daily for possible enhanced results but wait 1 minute before retreating each area. Do not treat more than twice within 1-hour period.
If you are serious about getting rid of your crow’s feet, you will not regret acquiring this device!

NIRA Skincare Laser & Serum Bundle
Price: $412