NURTURE by Abel: 100% Natural Ingredient Perfume for Moms

Nurture from Abel Odor in New Zealand is a gentle reminder to moms to take care of themselves while taking care of their little ones, too. Uplifting orange blossom/fleur l’orange, calming Bulgarian rose, jasmine, sambac, ginger, and grounding East Indian sandalwood meld together in this soft, tantalizing scent comprised of only the most natural ingredients for mom and baby. Created by mothers for mothers, Nurture was created in collaboration with organic children’s clothing brand Gray Label and is a fragrance that celebrates and supports motherhood. Natural ingredients are safe for pre- and postpartum. Infused with ginger for anti-nausea, rose and orange blossom to energize in weary moments, and low allergen ingredients enable mom to comfortably wear around her sensitive little ones and at a time when her own skin and sense of smell are more sensitive, too.

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Modern natural perfume for all
Abel believes in the power and beauty of a 100% natural scent and its ability to enrich daily life in a way that nothing else can, since our sense of smell is so powerful. They also believe they are part of the generation of businesses and consumers who can turn the tide on the global climate crisis, but… we all must act now.

Abel’s founders: winemaker-meets-master perfumer
In 2011 in Amsterdam, Abel founder and former winemaker Frances Shoemack was searching for a truly natural perfume and couldn’t find one. The concept and need for Abel was born. Fellow New Zealander and Master Perfumer Isaac Sinclair became Shoemacks’ first ally in the quest to disrupt an industry that didn’t believe natural perfume could be chic, modern, or stand up alongside the world’s best. A decade has since passed and Abel, now based in Wellington New Zealand, is sold in 33 countries globally with much acclaim. The Abel team has grown and so too has the collection – albeit at an organic pace. Abel’s mission, while remaining steadfast, has also grown: no longer satisfied with making the world’s best natural perfume, they now strive to create a positive impact on the environment and the global community.

Gray Label was founded by Emily Gray, a mom of three, Frances Shoemack, a mom of two, and Fanny Grau, a mom of two – so they know how important it is to wear a clean-ingredient fragrance around their children without worry.

Try it – it’s every bit as beautiful as you would imagine, and more so.
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