NYC’s Two Best (Safe!) Escape Rooms for Winter Celebrations

If you want a safe, fun, and memorable way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other major life event, then these two Escape Rooms in New York City have gone out of their way to ensure that you’ll have a clean, sanitized, and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Bring your masks and make sure everyone has been tested, then delve into any of these intriguing options:

1). Exit Escape Room NYC
Exit Escape Room offers three thrill-a-minute games: Sugar Rush (located in a bakery, 8 players, 7.5 level difficulty), High Speed NYC (located in a subway train, 8 players, 7.5 difficulty), and The Perfect Heist (located in a pizzeria’s basement, 6 players, 8 level difficulty). We opted for Sugar Rush and left with delicious cupcakes for all for beating the clock.

Exit Escape Room is a state-of-the-art hi-tech Escape Room located conveniently in Midtown near Penn Station and Times Square, with private games designed by a team of hi-tech experts along with an Interior Design specialist so as to render the most authentic and exciting escape room experience. You can read more at: Exit Escape Room NYC / 247 West 36th Street, Suite 101, New York, NY 10018; (917) 837-4129.


2.) Clue Chase
Clue Chase offers four different Escape Room adventures: Guardian of Gotham (10 players max, circa 2132), Moonshine Madness (10 players, 1923), Houdini’s Workshop (10 players max, 1926), and Pirates of the Bermuda Triangle (10 players max, 1666). If you complete all four Clue Chase missions, then you will be sent on a special three-hour-long special mission as a time travel agent (complete with live music!), as you attempt to recover a precious stolen artifact. You can also play a Virtual Escape Room Game, The Scarab’s Curse, if you don’t want to leave home, which you can check out HERE. Only one purchase is needed, so start gathering your dream team.

Masks and gloves are provided, along with hand sanitizer, and rooms are sanitized after each use. There’s also updated HVAC filtration, staff remain 6-feet away from players, and players in private rooms remain masked. Clue Chase was founded in 2015 with one goal in mind: to create amazing escape rooms, and they have achieved that goal. We tried Houdini’s Workshop and can attest to its delightful, intricate challenges. Clue Chase game masters believe the ideal escape room experience begins the moment you walk through the front door. All of their games feature Easter Egg clues referencing the other games for repeat players to discover, and they are constantly updating their escape room games to keep things fresh, engaging, and lively.

Read more at: Clue Chase Escape Room
Herald Square NYC, 39 W 32nd St 4th floor, New York, NY 10001


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