On The Go with Burga

On my travels I saw all types of people, from the explorers on a budget to the luxe first-classers. I attempt to take some notes from those who seem to have their lives together, especially when on vacation.

One factor in looking effortless was having sturdy and chic cases. From laptops, phones, and even passports; cases make a major boost in confidence. Thanks to Burga and their items, I’ll be able to feel polished while on the road or plane.

While going abroad I have a tendency to misplace my passport (a travel red flag I know!) Thankfully I was able to snag a Passport Holder in a lovely lavender color from Burga. This holder is an accessory to the world’s most important little book. My passport was beat up and got lost in the bottom of my personal bags for years. Now this real Saffiano leather holder will keep my passport safe, protected, and looking amazing as I fill out my customs forms. It has multiple pockets for cards, IDs, boarding passes, and any other important items I need for my travels!

My phone takes a beating with how rough I can be. Between accidentally dropping it while in public bathrooms or my cat being a butthead and knocking it over, it has its bumps and bruises. Burga offers an assortment of cases to keep my phone protected and stylish. I picked Golden Coral in Pink case, and I’ve been testing it out for a month on road trips. Traveling throughout the city and going out and about in my life, my phone has been dropped too many times (that I’ll like to admit). This case keeps it snug and looking adorable. My friend even commented how cute my case was and ordered from Burga on the spot! For extra protection, they offer screen protectors that have saved me from fixing my screen during my most clumsy moments.

My bread and butter: my laptop. From watching movies, writing articles, or reading about the latest astrological updates — my laptop is always by my side. That’s why I picked up a MacBook case in the Taurus style! It is mystical, pretty, and strong (hey like me!) for everyday use. The sleek packaging keeps my laptop light and safe from any bumps along the road of life. The anti-slip design keeps my laptop in place as I type away and slits allow for proper ventilation. Burga offers a 12 month warranty meaning if anything happens to my case, it will be replaced. Absolute perfection with Burga and I can’t wait to check out their other products this traveling season and beyond.
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