OTM Banishes Climate Change – One Vanity Case at a Time

Fashion goddesses remain unflappably beautiful despite sweltering heat waves or freezing winter weather while traveling with OTM’s elegant Cannes vanity case. What separates this vanity case from the flock? The groundbreaking Pristinium™ insulation in this ultra-chic fashion accessory prevents make-up meltdowns and freeze-ups due to extreme temperature changes.

Within its vegan saffiano leather boxy exterior, stylishly accentuated with a chunky gold chain and etched gold hardware, is a temperature-controlled perfect climate featuring an interior pocket and a tray with separated sections. When you tote the Cannes beauty case to restaurants and cafes your lipstick won’t melt down into a gooey mess in Miami, and your blush won’t get as rock-solid as a hockey puck during frosty New York City winters.

How do I use the Cannes case? Let me count the ways. I use it to carry cosmetics, a phone charger, a makeup mirror, and protein bars. If I need more room, I simply remove the organizer tray—creating ample space for my mobile phone, two small cosmetic bags, and other essentials. No more make-up meltdowns or freeze-ups!


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