Parisian Fashion At Its Finest

You cannot think of fashion without the word French coming to mind. Anything that has to do with French fashion has always been stylish, sophisticated, and elegant because the French seem to make even the most mundane piece of clothing (like a hoodie, for example) immaculately stylish. French online clothing stores are now the mecca for the future fashionista — and your passport isn’t needed when you can receive Parisian Chic straight to your door from Parisienne et Alors and RECC Paris.

Parisienne et Alors
Made in Paris, this fashion-conscious line is the product of French journalist, model, TV Host, actress and Miss France 2011, Laury Thilleman. Parisienne et Alors is so up to date in the latest trends that the company specializes in their signature limited edition capsule collections that they release every two months The Parisienne et Alors team is made of designers, pattern makers, drawers, photographers, and fashion lovers. All the collections are designed in Paris and manufactured in Parisian ateliers. Scrolling through the collection you will see a variety of fabulous choices of high-end clothing to cater to multiple looks for your preference.

This eco-friendly and ethical brand was inspired by Laury because she wanted to contribute to a more sustainable future. Parisienne et Alors encompasses her love for fashion and value for the environment. All products are designed and manufactured mostly from natural fibers: cotton, viscose, wool; and when they require polyester. The polyester is of course recycled polyester. Also to note, all materials are vegan and therefore animal friendly. Every capsule collection has been almost entirely made in France. To reduce their carbon footprint, Laury partnered with garment workers in small workshops in the area of the city of Paris, minimizing fabric wastage, and producing in limited quantities. The company emphasizes that “Parisienne et Alors is a committed brand, that’s why we made the decision to donate part of our earnings to associations in line with our values.”

Parisienne et Alors is luxury fashion that you can be proud to wear knowing not only do you look good, but you are also supporting the environment. For every one order, one tree is planted. Now that makes shopping much more fun and justifiable. Help save the planet while you shop! This impressive line can be found on all social media platforms @parisienne_et_alors. Indulge yourself into the world of French fashion and get your new look at

RECC Paris
If you love the hit show Emily in Paris, and have an affinity for the character Emily, you know she is recognized for her adventurous and bold fashion choices. Lily Collins who plays Emily, is also a fashionista. Recently in West Hollywood, California, Collins was spotted wearing the Jenna Jacket by French fashion label, RECC Paris. The Jenna, is the must have jacket for the season. The brand’s founder and creative director is Caroline Receveur. The glamorous icon, influencer, model, and quintessential working girl who launched her own first ready to wear fashion brand.

With the support of a team of product experts, Receveur designs her own fashion collections, which mix and match everyday looks and with sophisticated garments. From fetish, to more edgy, to impeccable glamour, every two months a new RECC collection is available online. Find the amazing collection of what RECC Paris has to offer at