Part 2: Goodness Knows No Bounds | & Goodies Hair Care – Stimulating Set for Hair Loss

Note: This is part 2 of a 3 part series looking at how different hair situations experience the & Goodies hair care product line.

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And Goodies Stimulating Set

Hair care is something I feel has always been something of an enigma. On one hand, there are the pharmacy brands we grew up with that we thought were okay only to have them strip our hair of any possible natural oils or eventually make it onto the social media “no-no” list with their ingredients. Then we have the other end with custom hair products for your specific hair type that usually require a quiz and sometimes a subscription.

There is something I always do though that cuts through all the noise and information around me regarding my hair. I trust my hair stylist. 

The hair stylist is the expert of their field, and by choosing such a profession I found most hair stylists are allergic to misinformation about hair care and cannot help but just tell you the truth. I had several tell me certain styles won’t take to my hair type or that my reference picture was a combination of lots of products so my expectations had to be adjusted. I always appreciated the honesty and listened to what the expert had to say.

This is why I was so excited to try out the & Goodies haircare line. Created by a husband and wife team and owners of Pasci hair salon in Coral Gables, Florida, & Goodies has given us all a breath of fresh air with a no bull-$hit attitude and an inclusive product line that encompasses what your hair needs without the fluff.

& Goodies emerged from a situation fifteen years ago, when Pasci Salon’s master stylist Antonello Pasci had developed an allergic reaction on his hands due to chemicals contained in hair care products. His wife Daniela created the hair products that stopped the allergies and also became what we now know as the & Goodies hair care line.

The thing about medical conditions is that something either works or it doesn’t. No amount of promises, ingredients or lab work will make up for actual results. In this case, it was allergies.

In my case, it is hair loss.

My Hair Description: Thin, Straight, Medium Length, weak roots and damaged ends

Status: Currently suffering from hair loss.

I was introduced to the & Goodies Stimulating—Rosemary Shampoo & Conditioner Set to aid my particular needs. The shampoo is a mix of lavender and rosemary essential oils and the conditioner is a mix of basil and rosemary essential oils. Additionally, the Curls & Volume Scalp Toning Tonic was added to the end of the routine during the day to help strengthen the hair and prep it for styling though I’d also often use it as an extra goody for my scalp ( get it? – goody? I’ll leave ).

& Goodies Stimulating Rosemary Lavender Shampoo

And Goodies Stimulating Shampoo
Photo Courtesy of & Goodies Official Website

Upon trying them out for myself I immediately could tell the difference between the quality of the product versus pharmacy brands and even some luscious high end brands I have tried from Sephora. The shampoo produced such a lovely aroma of lavender and rosemary that did not lack in strength despite its simplicity. The consistency of the shampoo is similar to a light gel and produced a soft, cotton like coating as it lathered my hair. I personally prefer my shampoos with the lather otherwise I become insecure in whether I applied enough product or not. I applied approximately one pump and a half to feel like my hair was sufficiently cleansed.

& Goodies Stimulating Rosemary Basil Conditioner

And Goodies Stimulating Conditioner
Photo Courtesy of & Goodies Official Website

I was especially enamoured by the basil and rosemary conditioner. Usually, lavender is pretty overpowering but here basil won the prize in being the scent I’d breathe in deeply long after my shower was done. The conditioner’s consistency was like a milk lotion that I felt my hair could just drink in. I applied approximately two pumps’ amount for my hair since I prefer really coating each strand which is when I unfortunately get to see the reality of my hair loss the most. At least this time I was accompanied by the soothing rosemary, lavender and basil fragrance team to coax me through the moment.

& Goodies Curls and Volume Scalp Toning Tonic

& Goodies Stimulating Toning Tonic
Photo Courtesy of & Goodies Official Website

The Scalp Toning tonic was used last after I had washed my hair and done a light towel dry. With only two to three spritzes suggested for application, I was dubious of its protecting qualities but then I remembered, these are salon quality products. Your hairstylist doesn’t drench your head in products and neither should you. Two to three is enough and it felt really nice to be finally doing something for my scalp that I’d typically neglect. I mostly desired it for its volumizing qualities which I did see a bit on my usually flat, uninspired top of head hair.

Take Away and Advice

Hair loss is a complex situation caused by a variety of factors from genetics, to diet, to environmental and even just your good old friend stress. No shampoo or conditioner is going to fix your hair so easily, especially overnight. It is a part of a larger system of support for your hair’s health. It’s important to build good habits in any routine, especially involving taking care of your body.

Antonello, the master stylist and founder of & Goodies, gave me some great advice on my situation.

” For your purposes of hair loss concerns and desired hair growth– apply the shampoo with essential oil– in this case the Rosemary products–to the scalp with a massage to stimulate the scalp and the follicle regularly. Regular use will increase hair growth, strength, and shine, and increase blood circulation. Everything is connected to promote hair growth. But it has to be done regularly, with a nice massage, and that way, the properties of the essential oil can be delivered to the scalp, directly to the follicle. “

When using the & Goodies products I found myself taking my time to wash my hair, which was unusual for me. Massaging my scalp while breathing in the aromas felt like the gentle kindness I was seeking for a long time. Something about the combination of the essential oils, the consistency of the product and maybe just the intention of the creators coming through made me want to pause and take my time to really give care back to my hair.

Did it fix my hair loss? It’s been less than a month so no –  obviously not. I made no other changes regarding environment or diet as well. Maybe if I won the lottery and never was stressed again I’d see instant results (I’m joking – of course) but for now I am happy to be giving back some & Goodies goodness to my hair.

I am also particularly fond of things backed by people who would tell me to my face what kind of care I need to give myself in that passionate, unfaltering kind of caring way that just doesn’t happen from larger businesses.

In the end my scalp feels better, my hair routine has increased in time, technique and quality. My hair during washing seems to love taking in the product and after washing doesn’t feel weighed down.

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