Paws Love Playing on Flor!

When you are redecorating because you have a pet, it makes sense to think about the furniture. However, look at what’s under those four paws, how about the floor? Replacing a scratched wood floor, or even carpet can be expensive. And may not be an option if you live in a rental apartment. So what are the available choices that are pet-friendly so your pooch can play fetch without destroying the floor or your pocketbook?

I found a solution in a product called Flor ( Flor is a system of great looking carpet squares that you can assemble to make a custom play area for Fido. These are also good for defining food and sleeping areas for your dog. Check out how easy it is to lay out these squares with this video on their site:

I got a box of 12 Lacebark Jade carpet tiles, that can create an area of 5’x7’. I thought the pattern would be good at hiding stains, and it holds up to medium traffic. All Flor tiles also stand up to spills. And if your dog has an accident, you can rinse that tile square, what could be easier?

These tiles are also environmentally and socially conscious products. 95% of the product is manufactured in the USA, and you can also return old Flor carpet tiles for recycling, as all their content is renewable. Order online or at these stores:

307 Atlantic Avenue
(718) 855-2044

142 Wooster Street
(212) 253-2164

1071 3rd Avenue
(212) 588-1892

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