Prato Botanico: Magnificent Organic Italian Skincare

Savor a piece of Italy at home in the new year with Prato Botanico, a certified organic and sustainable line with clean, natural, and skin-friendly formulations. Just as our planet continuously renews itself with proper consideration, our skin is also capable of the same remarkable self-renewal when given ample care. Crafted with exceptional purity, these gentle, effective formulations combine nourishing and moisturizing ingredients from the fertile landscape of southern Italy. Rich in aloe vera and other beneficial botanicals, indulge in this luxurious collection for a natural glow.

Prato Botanico’s certified-organic ingredients are native to southern Italy, including olive, grape, pomegranate, prickly pear, aloe vera, lavender, and more, to comprise these premium formulations. They deliver Italy-in-a-bottle in a way that enables you to savor it from the comfort of home in the new year. Their spa-quality products are incredibly soothing and a great investment in premium skincare.

Prato Botanico contains no parabens, no synthetic fragrances, no mineral oils, no phthalates, and no sulphates.

Price range: $20 – $85