Protect Your Hair GF: A You Go Natural Review

Calling all curly girls! It’s summertime and we are not going to be stopped by water, sun, or any bad hair days. So long to the days of eight hours in the braiding chair or doing a wash-and-go, just to head to the beach two days later. You Go Natural (YGN) is the saving grace for every Black woman who’s just over having high maintenance coils. Monique Little founded YGN after long days of stressing about her hair as a Black woman living in Texas. She was featured on Shark Tank which helped rocket her brand into the mainstream. I had the pleasure of testing their turbans for two of my favorite activities: swimming and sleeping.

Starting off I was excited yet nervous. All the swim caps of my youth did me so dirty; falling off, ripping out my curls, and squeezing my head until I had headaches. I thought I would have to just do protective styles and have my hair never see the light of day in the summer. When I received the Sand V2 Swim Turban, it was game over for all other swim caps. This gorgeous cap is silky to the touch and so sexy to wear. I feel like a tropical goddess everytime I put it on and head to the pool. It is snug enough to my head without making my head hurt. To really test it out I went diving, swam in lakes, and got thrown around by beach waves. In the end, my afro bounced back once I took the cap off. 10/10!

For nighttime activities I slip into my satin PJs and wrap my hair with the Pleated Sleep Turban. This gorgeous mulberry color just catches the eye. The cloud-soft fabric hugs my head and protects my strands while I snuggle into bed. I know you’re probably asking “why don’t you just wear a bonnet?” Because every time I do, it ends up at the foot of my bed, tangled with my sheets. This Pleated Sleep Turban, though, is going nowhere as I get my eight hours.
I can’t wait to see what YGN comes out with next, maybe I’ll try their regular turbans and their sport turbans. I simply cannot get enough and you won’t be able to either! Find them here.


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