Protection Against Sun and Cold: Wallaroo Hats

As we hit December, the barometer is rushing south and the temperatures are certainly cooling down! While you are planning your winter escape to tropical islands, you might consider packing the most reliable sun protection on the market: the Wallaroo hat. Combining function and style, they offer UPF 50+ for maximum sun protection. If you are looking to really rock it during a tropical stay, check out the new Jane Seymour sun hat collection, the Lady Jane, a unique collaboration between the Wallaroo Hat Company and the award-winning actress.

The Lady Jane adapts to the size of your head to fit it perfectly, thanks to a flexi-weave fabric that feels like lycra in your leggings. It flaunts an easy style with Jane’s colorful artwork, in two colorways: one features a watery, blue wave design, and the second has rich jewel tones, inspired by fall leaves. It also makes a great useful holiday gift. Nab one at .

If you’re staying in our northern climate or plan to travel to the mountains, the Wallaroo Aspen in the Winter Wallaroo collection is a strikingly stylish and warm hat. It includes all the UPF sun protection your skin needs to prevent hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. All dermatologists recommend protecting your skin from UV light, even in winter’s cold weather.

The Aspen is a knock-out hat that dresses up any outfit and brings a distinctive look that is both chic and bohemian. Wear it with an oversized wool coat, cropped jeans, or a long skirt and long sweater. It adds downtown sophistication to your winter gear. Available in several colors, such as black and tan, it can be adjusted thanks to straps to fit any size head. Here is a link to the exquisite Wallaroo Fall collection:
Think of offering an elegant hat for the holidays!


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