Pumpkin Pupcakes, Doggy Cannoli, and So Much More!

Because of disturbing articles such as this, I’ve transitioned from feeding my dog commercial dog food to cooking the majority of her meals. Over the years, I’ve collected quite a few dog food recipes to keep things interesting and am always seeking more.

Brutus Broth is a bone broth made especially for dogs. Beyond the Bowl is a beautifully illustrated cookbook containing 40 recipes contributed by Brutus Broth’s customers. The company is donating a portion of its sales to Project K9 Hero, the Spay Neuter Network, Touch of Gray, Buddy’s Rescue, and Show Your Soft Side, an organization devoted to preventing the maiming and torturing of defenseless dogs and cats.

On to the recipes! What I liked about this cookbook is its wide range of treats, main meals, and beverages. Although there were recipes I could not use because I don’t feed my dog peanut butter, there was an ample amount of wonderful recipes I could make. Included, are recipes for snacks, desserts, substantial suppers, and beverages with cute names like Brothtini and PupKin Latte. There is a birthday cake recipe and an entire section devoted to holiday recipes.

A hearty Sunday Supper recipe can be prepared as either a large loaf or as a dozen muffins and a “Bacon” Cheddar and Egg Frittata Muffins recipe produces 12 mini muffins that serve as a tasty treat. Most of the recipes utilize human-grade ingredients that are readily available in any supermarket while a few recipes contain dog biscuits as an ingredient.

I’ve discovered a handful of alternative supper options that are easy to cook in less than an hour and I also plan to use this cookbook to make special treats for my dog during the holidays. This cookbook is a keeper. I’m positive that the majority of dogs, even finicky ones, would give Beyond the Bowl’s recipes a five paws up rating!


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