Pure Bliss!

Using Solvasa’s patented Crystal Energy Wand is like using a revved-up, higher-performing rose quartz facial roller. Used in conjunction with Solvasa’s skin-soothing DeStressance serum, this vibrating self-care tool glides smoothly over the face and neck, providing a relaxing two-minute Medi-spa treatment.

To perform a lymphatic massage on my face, I glide the vibrating rose quartz wand from the center of my forehead towards my temples. Then, after using it to perform lymphatic massage under my eyes and cheekbones, I end each session by placing the Crystal Energy Wand below each eyebrow before gently pushing it up and holding it in place for a few seconds. Each session is so relaxing that one user described it as “a great tool for Zoom breaks.”

The Solvasa Crystal Energy Wand is an ideal tool for performing gua sha to ease muscular tension, encourage lymphatic drainage, and rev up circulation after cleansing one’s skin in the morning and at night. Is it splurge-worthy? Absolutely.


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