Q&A with Jacqueline Taylor Fiechter, Co-founder of Le Prunier

Skincare is a family legacy for Le Prunier founder, Jacqueline Taylor Fiechter. Jacqueline founded the skincare brand with her sisters, Allison and Elaine back in 2017. The siblings are fourth-generation farmers, growing the plums used in their skincare line on their farmland in Northern California. The Taylors’ 106-year-old farm produces a byproduct of plum kernels, which Le Prunier uses in its beauty products.  

Le Prunier’s farm operates with sustainable and regenerative farming practices. Jacqueline’s family began using organic farming techniques back in 1985. Le Prunier’s farm has USDA organic certification and uses eco-friendly practices from sourcing to final production. With a background in science and culinary arts, Jacqueline uses her expertise to innovate high-quality, luxury beauty products. Each product has the Taylors’ key ingredient: plum. 

I recently sampled two of Le Prunier’s products and fell in love with the gorgeous packaging and high-quality performance. The scent of Le Prunier’s Plum Beauty Oil, transported me to a sweet plum grove. The product is organic, and stripped down to basics, so customers can enjoy the glowing benefits without added chemicals. As a bonus, this multipurpose oil can be used in your hair or on your cuticles. 

I’m also a fan of Le Prunier’s Plumscreen, a plum-infused sunscreen that protects your skin while infusing it with nutrients. This sunscreen softens my skin and the light plum scent doubles as a sweet, tangy perfume.   

As a fan of Le Prunier’s products and a supporter of farm-to-skin beauty brands, I connected with Jacqueline to learn more about the Power of Plum.

What is unique about Le Prunier’s approach to farm-to-skin beauty products?

Our family farm operates as the world’s largest grower of organic dried plums. Therefore, from start to finish, we have the ability to oversee the entire lifecycle of our patented and leading active ingredients, derived from our family farm since we control the source. From start to finish, we maintain the highest ingredient authenticity and quality since our plum ingredients are grown, harvested, cold-pressed, and produced directly on our farm.

How does Le Prunier’s approach to sustainable farming support your farmers?

Our family farm gives back a portion of our profits to the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to educating and training the next generation of organic producers. We recognize the importance of organic and sustainable farming and this is a way to encourage and help educate future generations to continue along this path.

What does your relationship with Le Prunier’s farmers look like?

We are the farmers! We have been farming the rich soil of Sutter County, California for 106 years now. Sutter County is actually one of the smallest but fertile counties in California. It is an alluvial plain, forty miles long and approximately 30 miles wide, between Sacramento and Feather Rivers. This, combined with mild springs and warm to hot summers are ideal growing conditions and combinations which make for the production of delicious and excellent plum trees.

 How does Le Prunier’s farming approach benefit the environment?

We take into consideration many environmental aspects when it comes to farming. For instance, our family has been focused on eco-friendly farming practices and sustainability for decades. In 1985, well before organic farming was a household term, our father had the foresight and vision to shift to organic farming practices. We also focus on reducing gas emissions by reducing our reliance on heavy machinery. [We allow] Dorper sheep to graze and roam through our orchards, helping to eat down the cover crops. Additionally, we go to great lengths to preserve our soil and water quality by employing BioFiltro water filtration system. [This water filtration system] is a natural way to remove waste, [and] protect and enhance soil health with earthworms. Rich in humic acid, this helps to boost plant development, improve nutrient uptake, and increase soil health and stability. Not to mention, our family farm has been solar power operated for the last 15 years.

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