Quarantine Products for Bolstering Health + Harmony

Now is the time to cultivate your healthiest self. We’ve rounded up some items to help you do just that, and to make life just a little bit easier:

Olive Leaf Complex
Barlean’s has an amazingly potent super antioxidant Olive Leaf Complex that delivers the best of the olive tree. Some olive trees live thousands of years and resist attacks from fungus, bacteria, viruses, and a host of micro-organisms (and of course, we all know how healthy olive oil is). This elixir is flavored with peppermint and is non-GMO to support optimal wellness, encompassing blood pressure, joints, cardiovascular system, free radicals, memory, and all-important immunity. Rife with 95 mg of Oleuropein per serving to boost immunity, it can be enjoyed by the spoonful, or taken in water, tea, or juice. Sourced from the Andalusian region of Spain, the medicinal properties of olive leaves dates back to ancient Egypt. Kosher and sustainable, too. Find it at Bearleans.com.

Omega Pals
The seriously delicious Barlean’s Omega Pals fish & flax oil will delight adults and children alike (parents will love that their kids can’t taste anything but a creamy lemonade flavor!). Sweet tasting, lemony, and award-winning, this delicious potion offers all the necessary Omega-3s so crucial to developing bodies and brains (particularly with vision and the nervous system). No added sugar, flavors, or colors, non-GMO, dairy-free, and sweetened only with xylitol. Emulsified for better absorption within the body, this is what you need if you stare at screens all day — or have children over the age of 1 year, or simply want to improve health and wellness. Read more and order here.

Barlean’s CBD Hemo Oil — Lemon Drop
This lemon-flavored Seriously Delicious CBD Hemp Oil is a creamy treat with 750 mg of CBD (25 mg of CBD per serving, and less than 0.1% of THC) that absorbs easily and comes in a BPA and phthalate-free bottle. Hemp is different from marijuana in that it comes from the same plant family, but they’re different plants (like citrus/oranges and lemons) — and hemp CBD does not make you high. CBD helps regulate your sleeping, eating, relaxation, recovery, and cognition. Independent third-party lab testing ensures the quality of this product, along with decarboxylation, full spectrum, and terpenes. Sugar-free, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and dairy-free, this is available in Chocolate Mint and Lemon Drop. Read more and order here.

Gloves in a Bottle
We’ve all been meticulously washing our hands, and washing them again… and again… and again. The result is ultra-dry hands. Gloves in a Bottle is a dermatologist-prescribed and hypoallergenic lotion that will shield your hands throughout multiple washings. Yaay! Providing unparalleled relief for dry, cracked, and irritated skin, it’s fantastic for eczema and psoriasis relief too, and will provide an “invisible shield” to protect your hands (and other dry skin patches) throughout this surreal Covid-19 era. A global favorite for four years now! Read more and order here..

Rowdy Bars
Prebiotic Rowdy Bars are the tastiest, healthiest, high protein energy bars to snack on at home in self-isolation. With flavors such as Peanutty Dark Chocolate, Blueberry Almond Tart, Chocolate Coconut Cashew, and Sunflower Butter ‘n’ Berries. Yacon (Yah-can) Root and clean ingredients are the secret ingredients to their healthfulness. Probiotics are naturally found in some foods we already eat, like yogurt, but prebiotics are rarer. Hailing from the majestic Andes mountains, this secret root used by the Incas is a superfood laden with amazing health benefits.
Find your favorite flavor at rowdybars.com.
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Be well!