Radiant Radixir

Radixir is the new anti-aging skincare line designed to address acne and breakouts in mature skin. Its name alone is a combination of the words: Radiance and Elixir. Founded by pharmacist and cosmetic chemist Reham Essa, the products are specifically formulated to support aging skin that is prone to acne and breakouts. Developed with her own personal skin woes in mind, Reham has handpicked skincare actives, such as niacinamide, bakuchiol, squalene and allantoin, and botanical extracts that address skin breakouts while nourishing and hydrating mature skin without over drying. The products are free of silicones and mineral oils, offering clean, natural formulations. With the woman on the go in mind, Radixir strives to simplify the skincare routine while achieving a radiant, hydrated glow for youthful, breakout-free skin with minimal effort in little time. Radixir’s initial collection includes the Confidence Serum, Confidence Moisturiser and Ice Globes Face Massager for the ultimate at-home spa experience.


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