Rejuvenate Your Skin This New Year at Brooklyn’s WORLD SPA

Each year as I get older, I choose to take care of myself a little more. Since my birthday is around the new year, the past few years have involved indulging in some necessary self-care to start the new year of life off right. This year, I went to the new WORLD SPA in Brooklyn for a custom facial to give my skin the boost it so desperately needed.

I entered the spa and was given a bracelet and robe to change into, as well as a locker to keep my clothes and outside shoes in. They let me know that slippers are not required but are definitely recommended to walk around the spa in, as the floors are sometimes wet from the pools – but not to worry if you forget yours, the spa also sells them!

The WORLD SPA staff let me know to head over to the treatment center when it was time for my custom facial. I met my esthetician RasShan, and we started the session by talking through my current skincare routine and addressing any problem areas or skin concerns. I let RasShan know that I had dry skin and suffered from eczema in the past, with some slight flare up on my eyelids at the moment. With this information about my skin, RasShan led me through tips and tricks to refine and optimize my skincare routine. After this, we got into the facial itself – and I can truly say this was THE best facial experience I have ever had.

RasShan analyzed my skin and catered the cleansers, masks, and serums to fit what my skin needed. Between cleansing and mask treatments, there was a gentle massage of the hands, arms, neck, and shoulders. The esthetician bed was heated and there was ambient music playing, all adding to the extremely comfortable atmosphere.

At the end of the treatment, RasShan held a mirror and let me see the aftermath of the treatment, my skin was glazed-donut level! It looked dewy and felt bouncy and soft. RasShan left me with the advice to add a hyaluronic acid serum to my skin routine to boost and lock in hydration, and plump up my skin. She also reiterated the importance of extending my skin routine to my neck – I found my new goal for 2023!

After my facial, I toured the WORLD SPA. All facials booked online at the WORLD SPA receive complimentary use of the facilities, which is definitely not something to miss! The spa has Eastern European Banyas, Turkish and Moroccan Hammams, and over 4 different types of saunas – the Aroma Sauna was my favorite! Each banya, hammam, and sauna layout is unique and holds a specific temperature and humidity level. The Aroma Sauna temperature ranges from 176°F – 194°F and the humidity levels range from 20% – 30%. The room itself is constructed of different types of wood and herbs hang from the ceiling. I loved that with each inhalation of breath, you feel the heat and spice flow into your body.

I ended my time at the WORLD SPA with a bite to eat. The lounge and dining area of the spa are within the center of the floor, while the saunas, pools, treatment spaces, Banyas, and Hammams are spread across the perimeter – so you always feel like you are part of the scene even when you sit down for a drink or snack.

I chose a Cold Pressed Green Vitality Juice and a Greek Salad. The juice was served with a lime wedge and was perfectly savory and refreshing. The salad was absolutely incredible, with spices overflowing the top of a large piece of feta over a bed of lettuce and classic veggies and olives; it was delicious.

If your face and body need some self-care love, The WORLD SPA is a MUST GO in 2023. The facial treatments are phenomenal and targeted to fit YOUR needs, and the spa itself is a luxury experience.

To book your facial and admission to WORLD SPA, visit

1571 McDonald Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230


Hannah Kadyrov

Hannah Kadyrov is a native New Yorker and first generation American. You can most often find her scouring a flea market in search .925 silver and vintage denim, visiting Brighton Beach to get a taste of nostalgic Russian delicacies, taking her cat on a walk in Central Park, or at the MET. She is an adventurous foodie and will never say no to a new taste. Hannah studied Fine Arts at The Fashion Institute of Technology before spending the next few years working different roles in Print Publishing and Advertising. Her current focus is reading as much as possible and writing about anything and everything.