Relax on Valentine’s Day with Spero CBD & Raw Botanics

Have a stress-free Valentine’s Day with a little CBD to help fight anxiety on this holiday of love. Whether you’re going on a first date, meeting your paramour, or joining friends at a local restaurant, stress and exhaustion can put a dampener on the evening. Rather than reaching for a high caloric alcoholic cocktail, take a little CBD on your way out to mellow your mood and heighten your sense of presence. CBD is extracted from hemp, the super-plant revered for its extraordinary benefits to heal pain, reduce inflammation and body aches, induce calm, and help harmonize the body and the mind. A daily dose of CBD extract supports homeostasis and reduces mental exhaustion. Not all CBD products are born equal, however. Read the labels and always select the best quality in order to derive the highest benefits for your health. We attempt to bring to your attention only superior CBD products on the market that have total transparency.

Spero CBD is an excellent source for premium and sustainable CBD solutions to help you feel whole and less anxious throughout the day or evening. All hemp is sustainably harvested from US farms with zero THC and zero impurities. Each product is tested many times for potency, pesticides, microbials, heavy metals, and solvents.

The Spero Pure Tincture 500 MG CBD ( 17 mg/ml) can be taken under the tongue with the dropper. It tastes good and will allow you to relax within two minutes.
The Peppermint Tincture 500 mg CBD ( 17 mg/ml) adds a peppermint taste to add more kick to your experience.
Enjoy a mellow or stronger dosage that helps you maintain an easy, untroubled mood or reduce body aches and inflammation.

Price: $64.95


Raw Botanics Relax CBD + CBC 1000mg is from a company committed to quality, with clean products that are derived from all natural ingredients. With hemp made in the USA from premium organically grown Kentucky farms, it has no additives or preservatives. It is also vegan and ethically sourced. This mix of CBD and CBC heightens the effect of each and considerably reduces inflammation and pain, and helps you feel calmer and more serene. Take a droplet of this high-dosage formula under the tongue. It has a delicious lychee taste. You’ll soon feel better, restored, and stress-free. The specific cannabinoids, terpenes and adaptogen formula are also beneficial to focus better and to provide stamina.

1ml CBD/CBC per serving / 900mg active CBD and 100mg active CBC per bottle
30+ servings Broad Spectrum Hemp-Extract (<0.0% THC)

Price: $85



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