Rimini: A Gift of Chocolate Perfection

Present the gift of pure chocolate perfection this year with Rimini Chocolate (since 2020 has been such an arduous haul for everyone). Rimini Chocolate is an ideal gift due to its high quality chocolate and inventive flavors, aesthetically pleasing presentation, and luxe packaging. Rimini’s innovative and delectable flavor combinations render it distinctive and memorable as a gift, encompassing Tahitian Vanilla, Raspberry Caramel, Sicilian Pistachio, Venezuela Single Origin, Tropical Fruit, Banana Rum, Hazelnut, Italian Espresso, and Salted Caramel. Their chocolates are hand-chosen and shipped directly to your doorstep within days of your order.

The Rimini Story
Rimini was established more than a decade ago in 2008 in gorgeous Vail and Beaver Creek, Colorado. Inspired by the delicious gelato places in Rimini, Italy, founder Michael Schneider opened his own gelato shops in Colorado and named them in honor of the town, and included fine, artisanal chocolates as well as other offerings. Until recently, these handcrafted, artisan chocolates were only available in their Colorado shops, but now are available online.

And if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the Rocky Mountains, then visit the shop itself:
Rimini Cafe
45 West Thomas Place
Beaver Creek, Colorado

Order your chocolates, and chocolate for friends and family here: https://www.riminichocolate.com/collections/artisan-chocolates.

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