Rosacea: What Causes it and How to Treat it


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Rosacea is a condition that afflicts nearly 16 million Americans according to, an organization dedicated to helping individuals control their rosacea outbreaks. Sensitive skins tend to flare up more easily especially among middle aged women of fair complexion but rosacea can really happen to anyone. In its mildest forms, Rosacea usually looks like a simple pink rash or blush that spreads from the face to the neck and chest, in the more serious cases, tiny red bumps sometimes filled with pus can appear. Often triggered by stress, alcohol, spicy foods, hot drinks, or exercise, rosacea can make one feel uncomfortable and self conscious and needs to be treated.

What causes rosacea?

Though no one knows for sure what causes rosacea, recent research has found a link between the innate immune system and its defense responses when it encounters bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. According to recent scientific investigations, this protective process may be malfunctioning in individuals with rosacea. Researcher Dr. Martin Steinhoff, director of the Charles Institute of Dermatology at the University College Dublin School of Medicine, and colleagues at the University of California-San Francisco have documented how the symptoms of rosacea are linked to the nervous system and the vascular system. Rosacea is a response to a stimulation of the sensory nervous system triggered by exposure to ultraviolet radiation, changes in temperature, exposure to skin irritants, strong emotions, alcoholic beverages and spicy food. According to the researchers, a nervous system disorder called neurogenic inflammation displays many of the same symptoms of rosacea such as redness and swelling

What can be done to avoid a rosacea?

Whatever the causes , there are steps you can take to diminish the occurrence of flare-ups that lead to rosacea such as identifying and avoiding your triggers whether they are sun exposure, emotional stress, weather, exercise, allergies or alcohol consumption. Try to work out in a cool environment for shorter periods of time, keeping a chilled damp towel on hand and drinking plenty of water. Choose low-intensity exercises and swimming to avoid getting red. Sponsored by dermatologists involved in rosacea research, is your prime source of for all issues of skin inflammation and redness. To find more information go to www.

To treat my rosacea prone skin, I studied different approaches to help diminish signs of redness and appease my skin. During my research, I discovered a new treatment, Lumecca IPL Therapy that has become the gold standard for the treatment of hyperpigmentation, rosacea and other skin disorders. I was invited by Jane Scher RN BSN, a certified nurse to try the device on my skin to see how it reacted. I found the treatment very gentle, quick and was pleasantly surprised by the results as all signs of redness were noticeably gone, my skin was clear, radiant with no more broken capillaries around the nose. The procedure requires no downtime and you’re in and out in twenty minutes. Extremely effective for rosacea, it works by using photo-thermolysis energy directly on the affected areas to clean out bacteria on the face. Depending on your level of rosacea, you may require one to several treatments. Jane recommends one treatment per month for those who suffer from rosacea. If you suffer from chronic rosacea, this is a treatment that you can easily get addicted to.
Jane Scher RN BSN is based on the Upper East Side of New York City and specializes in Lumecca and many other skin treatments. Jane is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses (ASPSN) with specialization in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery since 1971. She co-founded and served as CEO of the American Plastic Surgery Center, where she has treated patients in Manhattan and the Tri-State Area for over 31 years. You can learn more about Jane at

As a fan of green beauty solutions, I was keen to test the effectiveness of natural based skincare lines that can heal the skin gently. . To treat your rosacea at home, I found Pevonia’s RS2 line to be very effective. The Pevonia RS2 Line uses organic extracts and oils, green tea and allantoin reputed for their calming powers and extracts of licorice and French rose. After applying Pevonia’s RS2 Care Cream on the skin, prepare for an immediate sense of relief. Your skin seems to cool down with the subtle sweet rose gallica extract exuding a delicious sense of well being. For those with rosacea, hypersensitive skin and microcirculation problems who want a hydrating, decongesting moisturizer, this healing formula should help greatly. If you are allergy-prone or have a reactive skin, it will protect your skin as well. Fun Fact: Rose essence has been known for centuries to calm skin, which is why your grandma’s cosmetics always smelled of roses.

The lightweight and hydrating Pevonia RS2 Serum strengthens capillaries and controls blotchiness while killing bacteria. Hypersensitive skin with microcirculation problems and red blotchy patches will show improvement as red blotches usually disappear within 2 weeks. Keep the Pevonia RS2 Gentle Lotion spray mist in your bag and use it on your skin whenever it gets inflamed. I find the immediate relief wonderful when my skin is feeling irritated. To clean skin at night, use the Pevonia RS2 Gentle Cleanser which eliminates impurities while comforting the skin. In a six week clinical study of Pevonia’s RS2 line, 90% of participants reported great toleration of the line, 51% reduced redness, and 25% improved hydration. All products are paraben, alcohol, lanolin, mineral and paba-free, they do not use artificial colors, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate. For more information, go to

As a big fan of holistic skin care, I was curious to learn more about holistic healing traditions that include lifestyle choices, diet and natural remedies to control rosacea. In my research, I discovered Susan Ciminelli’s Holistic Spa in Manhattan specializing in gentle effective skin care to calm many skin issues, and in particular extremely reactive skin and rosacea. Her products for rosacea and irritated skin include the Susan Ciminelli Algae Deep Cleanse with seaweed and clay infused with essential oils that help tone the skin and minimize the appearance of pores and capillaries. Extremely gentle, skin is calmed and beautified with algae that reduces redness and comforts skin. I found the Susan Ciminelli Toning Formula, a blend of essential oils such as thyme, rosemary and peppermint, to help to minimize capillaries and reduce redness. It feels extremely comforting and has a refreshing sensation while it helps to control inflammation. It can be used twice a day and my skin loves this product, as it leaves a sensation of deep hydration with a natural barrier to lessen future irritations. The scent is stimulating, pungent and mood elevating which helps your whole being heal within. To learn more about how a holistic approach can help your skin as well as tips on achieving radiant skin, see Susan Ciminelli’s book, The Ciminelli Solution. All products are available at

DCL skincare was created by dermatologists to treat the most sensitive skins prone to eczema, psoriasis and rosacea utilizing the power of science. The mild cleanser appeases inflammation and helps prevent future irritations. The formula uses proven hydrating agents but no hydrocortisone. DCL skin care is hypoallergenic, paraben free and dermatologist tested. Try the Ultra Comfort Cream at night to relieve red and irritated skin and get deep hydration that helps relieve inflamed skin. For more information go to

“It is always easier to treat rosacea early on” advises Dr. Bradley S. Bloom, board certified dermatologist in NY who recommends DCL skin care . Because of the inflammatory of rosacea, it can get worse if untreated. If you think you suffer from rosacea, he advises consulting a dermatologist.

Whatever your approach to treat your rosacea, make sure you don’t delay finding relief and cure. Although April is Rosacea Awareness Month, it’s a serious year round struggle for people who have to live with it. Don’t delay in finding a solution that is right for you.

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