Safe and Sound with Atlas VPN

As my traveling kicks up in 2023, I knew I had to get my cyber privacy under control. I came across Atlas VPN, a VPN service that protects my online identity and data. What is a VPN? Glad you asked! It’s a virtual private network that keeps you safe when using public WiFi, serving the web, or generally being online and sharing information that you may not even know you’re sharing. Atlas VPN is a free service for the first 30 days you use it. You can upgrade to premium, which enables unlimited connections on multiple devices. Plus you can stream Netflix and Amazon Prime, so you’ll have access to movies and shows in different countries that you won’t have in the USA… meaning more media to stream! This is uber beneficial when taking long trips abroad and you simply cannot find anything to watch.

Speaking of traveling, when you use public Wi-Fi, your information could be breached, but if you have Atlas VPN that isn’t a concern. Their encoded server protects your information. I work a lot online so I’m going to take full advantage of this feature while I travel and hook up to the free Wi-Fi at the airport. The interface is super user-friendly, making it easy to switch between VPN countries and turning it on and off. This is the perfect present to yourself to start off the new year safe and sound. Find it HERE.