Schlep Your Groceries in Sustainable Totes

It is indeed possible to avoid looking like a disheveled wayward nomad when you’re toting groceries, gym gear, and weighty items. The right tote carries a hefty haul with style. Here’s two top-drawer totes to consider when you’re seeking to purchase a reusable tote manufactured from recycled material:

Bybba’s The Balos Tote

The Balos Tote holds up to 40lbs, wipes clean, and is machine washable. The ingenious storage pouch converts into an interior pocket and two front pockets feature Velcro closures. Use this tote to carry books, groceries and other items with a clear conscience, knowing that it is manufactured from 100% recycled ocean waste. Why schlep multiple flimsy plastic or cloth totes when this heavy-duty tote, with its secure drawstring closure, can transport your belongings with ease?

Bagito’s Bagito Grande Tote

When it comes to toting lots of stuff, the Grande is big on size and small on cost. You’ll feel good about toting this supersized tote because it is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic and can be reused more than 500 times.

Available in a range of luscious colors, this ultra-soft $14 tote is light in weight but super strong. Featuring double stitching to ensure long wear, the Grande easily holds up to 50 lbs. The machine-washable Grande features a multitude of thoughtful details: a handy inner pocket, an external water bottle pocket, a matching storage pouch, and a drawstring closure to ensure that everything you place in the Grande remains in the Grande!


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