Seeing Crystal Clear with VELVET GLASSES

Eyeglasses are totally an accessory (anyone who says differently just doesn’t get it). I love trying on new glasses from funky shapes like hearts or circles or even colors (I’ve owned orange glasses before). This time around though I’ve been sporting Hailie glasses from VELVET GLASSES, which has been around since 1999 so they are tried-and-true among glasses lovers. The brand is 100% female-owned and offers an assortment of glasses types, like prescription, blue-light, and even sunglasses (which are all 100% UV protection — perfect for summer). The process was effortless to get my order. I snapped a photo of a small card in front of my face to help the fit of my glasses, sent in my prescription, and a week later I had my glasses on my face. This style is classy, matching with all my outfits from the more chill look of jeans and a white shirt to my birthday dinner with a LBD. The blue-light lens makes working on my laptop and phone less strenuous on my eyes. I even keep these glasses right next to my work desk for easy access throughout the day. Pick up a pair (or two) of Velvet Glasses to add a bit of pizzazz to your everyday look.


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