Shazam: Instant Glam

Nail maintenance can feel like a full-time gig. Booking the appointment, driving to the salon, making small talk, choosing colors, drilling, buffing, washing, curing: it can be madness… at least for me. I mean, I’m a woman who values her time and energy, and GLAMERMAID appreciates that. I had the pleasure of testing out their gorgeous nail sets and here are my thoughts. Spoiler: I have converted to the press on nails.

If you don’t know about GLAMERMAID here are the basics: the brand presents the trendiest nails made by nail artists every week. Then, choose which ones you want and they are shipped quickly to your home. Each pack arrives with an assortment of sizes, with a small number on the tips for you to know which size is which. I buff and clean my natural nails as prep. There’s no messy glue needed; GLAMERMAID includes a sticky tab to attach to natural nails and attach the press ons. I hold it on for fifteen seconds and get all of it done in under ten minutes. Now for the gorgeous GLAMERMAID styles I’ve been wearing!

Noble Tale

For a mystical touch, try Noble Tale. These short almond press-ons are a gel white with gold detailing. It has stars, moons, and sun icons that transition from day to night. I wore these for a brunch into a dinner date, receiving compliments from girls on the streets and even the waitress. They stayed on for a week-plus through hot showers, saunas, and tapping on my laptop. Major love for Noble Tale.

Mushroom lovers

In my days of gardening and hiking, I press on the Mushroom lovers . This design is super cute with a red mushroom and red accent nails. Super fun-gi!

Galaxy Glam

For a true luxe glamorous look, Galaxy Glam is my go-to. It has a black-to-nude fading base and almond shape. The accent nails have a sweet swirly gem and silver glitters. Perfect for a clubbing look or date night!

Black Edge

A simple and chic look calls for Black Edge. The nude base is accented with a black French tip and stripe. I love how effortlessly cool these nails look. I kept these in my car in case of a nail emergency, which did happen. I quickly pressed these on and they held on through eating cotton candy, petting goats, and wagon rides. GLAMERMAID is my current go-to and can be yours, too, with their discount code for 20% off at checkout (GMLO20). Send me your nail pics and thanks to GLAMERMAID for being there for the girls who just want to be cute on a budget.


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