Shine Bright with Starface Stars

Breakouts happen, doesn’t mean we need to hide. In fact, it’s one of the external markers of what’s going on on the inside. We accept they happen and there is something we can do. Cue Starface’s HYDRO-STARS® – a tiny-teeny star to place over pimples.

Now, you might ask: what is in these stars that make them so magical? Well, dear reader, it’s 100% hydrocolloid which attracts any moisture from acne and improves redness and inflammation. They come in a smiling yellow compact that makes it easy to use on-the-go. Plus, a cute mirror! On my makeup-free days this week, after my skincare routine, I applied a few of these stellar stickers and admired the bit of joy they brought to my spirit. I found myself not picking or obsessing over my breakouts. A true lifesaver for all of us who want to just shine!