Sit ‘n Sleep: Mattresses That Will Last A Decade

We rarely think about the expiration dates on mattresses, yet they impact our health in myriad ways: they either support our back properly or they don’t, which impacts the quality and duration of our sleep, which in turn impacts our mood, immunity, and general health through the day. In this regard, a mattress may be one of the most important items in your home. So choose a favorite mattress at Sit ‘ Sleep. We tried the Hana Gel 8-inch Mattress, which comes with a 10-year limited warranty to underscore and ensure that your mattress is of the highest quality.

The Sit ‘n Sleep Hana mattress is a memory foam mattress, so it adapts to your size, sleeping positions, and weight, offering the ultimate in comfort and support. Thinner than many mattresses at 8-inches, the Sit ‘n Sleep Hana is dense and also cooler (for those of you who run hot when you sleep) and easy to spot-clean with water. Use with a mattress pad for protection, and place on a firm foundation.

How is a mattress cooling? This Sit ‘n Sleep Hana Gel 8-inch mattress boosts the newest technology in heat dissipating cool-touch performance cooling fabric and is paired with gel memory foam and a high-density base foam. It offers a solution to those who claim to sleep hot, whether due to weather or physiology, and has a Medium Firm feel. It’s super comfortable! This mattress cradles your body and its high-density base foam provides support, pressure point relief, and proper spinal alignment.

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Sweet dreams through 2031!

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