Soft Hands with Palma de Salus

Hydrating Hand Sanitizing Serum

I’m not the first (nor last) person to complain about hand sanitizer, at least the kind we are all familiar with. The nose hair burning vodka scent that kills all the germs, and sadly, your skin, leaving you dry and rough. That’s why duo Aradhana Juneja and Kaveesh Padiachy developed Palma de Salus (translated to hand prosperity). Their darling Hydrating Hand Sanitizing Serum has been on my mind and hands since I received it. I sat down and interviewed them about their mastermind process behind their brain child.

They found a gap in the market for elegant hand sanitizer during the COVID-19 outbreaks. They remark how at upscale restaurants and palatial gathering places there would be debonair candles and bouquets but ugly hand sanitizer bottles. (Think: what you’d find at dollar stores or your local clinic. So not sexy.) They worked tirelessly to create a hand serum that sanitized and nourished hands day-in-and-day-out. “I want something that doesn’t make me feel like I’m at a doctor’s office,” says Juneja. Coming from South Asian and Arabic roots, they focused on a holistic and superior formula of avocado and jojoba oil, HAs and vitamins B3 + B5 +E, among other ingredients. With a concoction like this, I would have thought to apply it to my face!

When I first applied it, it was silky smooth and promptly disappeared, leaving me soft and hydrated. No need for lotion afterwards (like other sanitizers). It truly is a serum that improved the look of my hands over the course of this week. Oh, and the best part? It’s scented with neroli like a ritzy lobby in the heart of the big city. Palma de Salus isn’t a one trick pony though. They plan on releasing more items this year, including candles with their signature scent. I’m eager to see what they release and will hopefully write to you, dear reader, what’s good. For now, I can report that Hydrating Hand Sanitizing Serum is permanently living on my coffee table.


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