Sparkling Botanicals By Rishi: A Healthy Octet

Imagine fusing carbonated water with tea, berries, herbs, and other botanicals in a refreshing unsweetened drink that only has 10 calories, and there you have Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi. These 8 truly inspired flavors will challenge you to choose a favorite, since it will seem an impossibility.

These sparkling Botanicals are made entirely of real plants – no additives and weird stuff. Formulated for function with flavor, the creative blends are:

New Flavor Alert = Blue Tea Jasmine
Carbonated water, lemon, green tea, jasmine, organic lemongrass and butterfly pea flowers comprise a remarkably unique drink and taste sensation.

New Flavor Alert = Bergamot Oolong
Four Seasons Spring Oolong tea from Taiwan is cold-brewed and blended with pressed bergamot, which has a delicate fragrance and distinctive taste, and of course, carbonated seltzer water.

Black Lemon
Black tea from the Golden Triangle is blended with seltzer water and juicy California lemons and Central America’s caramelized, jungle-grown “black lemons” for zest and flavor.

Green Tea Tonic
Shade-grown organic Japanese tea for matcha, seltzer water, plum juice, sweet wormwood, green shisa, and a touch of chrysanthemum constitute this mind-bogglingly great meld of healthy flavors.

Grapefruit Quince
Sip this meld of carbonated water, organic quince, hibiscus, tangy orange peel, aromatic lemongrass, strawberry, grapefruit peel, yuzu juice and grapefruit extract with pleasure.

Dandelion Ginger
A truly unique blend of organic ginger root and extracts, carbonated water, dandelion root, lemon, dried lime/black lemon, rosemary, green tea, tangerine, and chili peppers. Exceptional!

Elderberry Maqui
Elderberries pair with Patagonian maqui berries, red wine berries, blueberries, hibiscus, rooibos, raspberry, hawthorn leaves, organic grape skins and elderberries to similate a wine-like flavor and ultra-heart-healthy beverage.

Schisandra Berry
Organic forest-grown schisandra berries and carbonated water are the stars of this flavor that is sweet, sour, salty, and pungent all at once, not to mention healthy.

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