Spin Your Skin to a Cleaner Clean

When L’Oréal  discontinued the Clarisonic electronic cleansing brush, I was devastated. My sensitive skin always looked thoroughly clean and refreshed after cleansing it with my Clarisonic electronic brush.

At last, I’ve finally discovered a suitable replacement. In fact, the Soniclear® Elite face and body cleansing brush is a mammoth level up from my previously beloved Clarisonic.

Firstly, Soniclear’s antimicrobial face brush is reported to inhibit up to 99.9% of stain and odor causing bacteria—keeping the brush head in pristine working condition until it is replaced every six months. Included, along with the elite cleansing brush and antimicrobial face brush heads is a serum infusion head that massages serums and moisturizers into the skin.

Although the antimicrobial face brush head works with all skin types, I prefer to use the optional sensitive skin brush head, providing extra-gentle cleansing on my uber-sensitive skin. As an added bonus, a coupon for a free Sensitive Skin Brush Head, valued at $18, comes with every Soniclear® Elite purchase.

It’s evident that a lot of care went into designing the Soniclear® Elite cleansing brush. In addition to an automatic timer and 6-speed settings, Sonicare Elite also features a Collagen Boost button that stimulates collagen production. I love the feminine Rose Gold Marble design on my waterproof Soniclear® Elite brush and the cool wireless charging cradle. When the Soniclear Elite brush is placed in a forward-facing drying position in the cradle, the battery doesn’t charge, thereby extending the battery life. Who wouldn’t favor that?

Soniclear® Elite makes my finicky skin happy so I’m sticking with it. Once, you’ve spun your skin to a cleaner kind of clean there’s no going back.


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