Spirited Non-Spirits for Bon Vivants & Homebodies

Proteau is a zero-proof botanical drink unlike any other, both in taste and presentation. Created by award-winning mixologist, author and worker-rights advocate, John deBary, Proteau stands apart from the crowd of non-alcoholic spirits and is ready to drink, no mixing required. The bottles and blends are absolutely gorgeous and inspired, and include Rivington Spritz and Ludlow Red. Rivington Spritz is a most refreshing drink, with strawberry and hibiscus blended with Chinese rhubarb, gentian, and champagne vinegar infused with a delicate fizz. Ludlow Red is comprised of black pepper braided with blackberry and roasted dandelion root, balanced with licorice, chrysanthemum and fig vinegar. Low calorie, no added sugar, and suitable for vegetarians – you can also find reduced pricing for multiple bottles. Enjoy!

Gnista is a floral wormwood non-alcoholic spirit that’s bitter, aromatic, and intense with herbal and citrus notes (50 cl). Inspired by Swedish nature and artisanal craftsmanship, the result is a rich and multi-layered drink that tastes like a spirit. It’s rife with rhubarb, beet syrup, rose water, dried spices and fruit, ginger, oak, raisins, almond, orange, oregano, orange peel, star anise, and juniper. Great with a little bit of soda and lemon. Follow @gnistaspirits. Testimonial: “The result is incredible! Gnista really defined something different, you cannot find anything like this in the market today.” — Domenic, Dedycated UK and Stefano Bussi, the American bar and Nomad London.

Casamara Club — Sparkling Amaro Soft Drinks
The Casamara Club is a Detroit-based soft drink line inspired by Italian bitters and botanicals, with a line of four different offerings that make fantastic mixers and/or stand-alone drinks. Onda is a lush coastal spritz that is earthy and surprisingly unique. Notes of candied lemon, woodsy sage, and cane sugar pair well with an array of cuisines: crusty French bread, pasta, and all salty and savory foods, like prosciutto and crispy summer fried chicken. These soft drinks contain juniper berry, allspice, sage, cardamom and anise, and each has lemon juice, demerara cane sugar or honey, and sea salt to bring it all into balance. The result is a dry taste, with bitter notes. The Alta, with chinotto extract and mandarin orange peel, echoes the bitter red aperitivi of northern Italy, while the Capo, with chamomile, peppermint and licorice root, is velvety smooth. Each of the four flavors offers its own unique botanical bounty, and have no additives/artificial sweeteners, and no “natural” flavors. Sera is a soothing, cinnamon-infused take on the classic Italian spritz with lavender, strawberry candy, and fruit tart acidity; pair it with fresh fruit, ice cream, and vintage ’60s Italian movies. Experiment with each to choose your personal pairing-preferences.