Spirits: It’s Organic Prosecco Season, Imbibers!

Organic prosecco is a wise way to toast the onset of Fall 2019, and we recommend Mionetto’s Prosecco DOC , which is both effervescent and exquisite.

The grapes for this wine are from a certified organic winery located in Vazzola, nestled in the hills of Italy’s gorgeous, sun-drenched Treviso. The winery practices organic farming techniques and grows the grapes without synthetic chemicals and fertilizers, so you can raise a toast to preserving the Earth. Bright yellow, with delicate notes of elderflower and green apple, this prosecco provides an explosion of crisp green apple on the palate. Savor it as an aperitif or during a meal, paired with Gorgonzola, dates, melon, figs, and Prosciutto.

Mionetto’s Roses are delightful for Fall as well as summer; peruse the offerings at https://usa.mionetto.com/us or your favorite liquor store.

Alla tua salute!

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