Spring Picnic Alert: 8 Items for National Picnic Day (Yes, It’s a Thing)

What better way to kick off spring than to indulge in a National Picnic Day bash on April 23! You’ll want these in your basket or on your warm weather radar:

Little GF Chefs
Incorporate baking into your family fun and see what Little GF Chefs has to offer. Little GF Chefs create signature kits that include everything from Mini Bagels and Unicorn and Rainbow Donuts to Confetti Cake Pops. These awesome sets are made for all seasons and everyday cooking. Little GF Chefs was founded by a mother raising her children with celiac disease and food allergies. Because of this, every kit is gluten free, contains no artificial dyes, and is free of the most common food allergens like nuts, soy, eggs, and dairy. There will be something for everyone to enjoy at your picnic. Get baking and nab your delectable kit at https://littlegfchefs.com/.

Joe Average
If you like puzzles and stimulating your mind, then you will love Joe Average. The Joe Average One World One Hope Puzzle Kit features Canadian artist Joe Average’s eye-opening and fanciful artwork. This piece of art was originally commissioned and designed for the 11th international conference on AIDS held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Joe Average is offering his talents to a philanthropic cause to help artists like himself live affordably for the rest of their lives through PAL Vancouver. A portion of the proceeds from each kit will go to support the artistic community. What I also love about this beautiful kit is that after you complete the puzzle you can take it home to hang on the wall to add to your home décor! Puzzle glue and velcro hanging strips are included to render your piece gallery-ready. Nab your puzzle and learn more about Joe and his work at https://www.joeaverage.com.

Soak up the sun with ThatBlanket. If you’re looking for an exclusive and meaningful gift that your loved ones will always cherish, ThatBlanket is it. This is the ultimate accessory to take when you decide to go al fresco. With ThatBlanket you can capture your precious memories on one comfy, sustainable cover so that they are always there when you want to snuggle up or need a quick happy boost. All blankets are manufactured and printed in the USA with eco-friendly inks that resist fading and are machine washable for easy care. Join the mailing list for 35% off. Get your original blanket at https://www.thatblanket.com/.

Created by FDA certified physician Philip Davis and clinically tested to enrich your health, ShineWater is your magic hydration and radiance in a bottle. This refreshing electrolyte and vitamin drink gives your body what it needs (antioxidants, magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium) and the flavor is never compromised. What I love about ShineWater is that this beverage contains 100% of your recommended daily value of Vitamin D, which supports bone health, immune function, and athletic performance. Choose from a variety of fun and delicious flavors: Mixed Berry Acai, Strawberry Lemon, Coconut Lime, Peach Mango, Pomegranate Grape, Kiwi Cucumber, and Watermelon Blackberry. There is also no added sugar or artificial ingredients, so it’s a feel-good drink. What is wonderful about ShineWater is that a large portion of the proceeds from all sales are donated to the nonprofit OneWorld Health, which helps treat micronutrient deficiencies in families living in Africa and Central America. Available at https://www.shinewater.com/.

If you like to snack but also are health conscious about what you eat, PeaTos is a delicious alternative that will satisfy your food cravings and keep your weight in check. Each bag is tasty, light and 100% vegan. You can eat a decent amount of PeaTos without feeling bloated, lethargic, and guilty for consuming such a yummy treat. Made with 2x the protein and 3x the fiber of its traditional counterparts, PeaTos contains no artificial or dairy components and is made only with non-GMO ingredients. Now you can have an all-vegan “junk food” with less junk and more nutrition. It’s a win-win product. Check out the appetizing flavors at https://peatos.com/.

Table Topics
Never worry about having a dull or quiet moment in conversation when you have your handy TableTopics on hand. Choose from a variety of editions. TableTopics provides a packed deck of intriguing and entertaining questions to help you get to know your friends, family, and guests better. This is the perfect item to take to any party, and since it’s small you don’t have to worry about transporting much. Sign up for emails for 10% off your first order. Find these engaging cards at https://www.tabletopics.com/.

PatPat Picnic Blanket
Specializing in super adorable and reasonably priced clothing, accessories and products, PatPat has something for every parent and child. The brand carries a bright packable Picnic Blanket that is just what you what you need to take on your warm weather excursion. It is a multifunctional picnic mat that not only is lightweight but moisture-proof making it an essential for a day out. Free shipping with purchases over $45; head straight to PatPat HERE.

Protect your family’s skin from UV exposure daily whether indoors or outdoors with OLITA. This beneficial brand is here to take care of all sun care needs with top rated and verified-EWG products. Providing mineral organic sunscreen options, there is no need to go anywhere else when stocking up for the family. There’s also nothing harmful in any of these products and OLITA was even awarded EWG’s :safest sunscreen for kids and babies” in 2020 and 2021, as well as Parent Magazine’s safest sunscreen for kids in 2021. OLITA donates a portion of every sale to ocean conservation by partnering with the Coral Reef Alliance, too. Peruse the entire collection at https://olitashop.com/