Stardog Loungewear for Soft, Sustainable Summer Fashion

Stardog Loungewear for women and men rightfully prides itself on the fact that it uses a sustainable, organic, and innovative hemp textile, while practicing full transparency. This is the future! For Stardog, being ethical and sustainable is not a trend, it’s simply how they do business. You will love this line because every garment is thoughtfully designed, cut, and sewn by artisans. So much thoughtfulness and mindfulness is poured into their clothing that their tags even contain a QR Code for guided meditation.

Created with the highest quality organic hemp, all of Stardog’s loungewear items are soft and comfy — and they can be dressed up too, if need be. You’ll find Tees, cropped tops, soft leggings, summer slip-ons, shorts, tanks, robes, and both short- and long-sleeved tops at Stardog.

When you buy a Tee shirt from Stardog Loungewear, you support a jaguar in the Amazon rainforest. They are quickly losing their home to deforestation. Also, masks may no longer be necessary at all times, but they’re here to stay for protecting others now when we have future colds, flus, and other ailments. Stardog Loungewear masks are National Institute of Health-approved, contain permanently infused copper, are certifies organic hemp, antimicrobial, have a triple layer of security, are washable abnd breathable, and are lightweight and sustainable.

Support this brand that believes in the power of sustainability and honest business practices to better the world we live in while we’re here. Their tags read: Be Present. Be Kind. Be Mindful. Visit and follow #StardogHemp

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