Sunrise, Sun Hat

No matter if it’s sunrise or sunset, you’ll find my head covered by Gigi Pip’s Jolie Boater hat. Braided from wheat straw, this vegan hat offers protection from the sun’s rays with a 360 brim. I tested it out both indoors and out — first a trip to Target as I looked for some avocados to add to my veggie burgers. I felt chic as I thumbed over each avocado in my own little bubble, thanks to the large brim. A lady stopped me as I walked over to the home goods section. “Your hat is so cute, you look like you should be at the shore,” she remarked. I gave a smile. Oh, how I wish I was!

And I was in luck because a few days later I had a beach day with my family. My Jolie Boater rode in the passenger seat and sat prettily upon my head as I strolled the boardwalk. My niece reached up to try it on. It was a bit big for her but luckily for us adults, Gigi Pip’s hats have an adjustable band for a few more inches. Gigi Pip does it again with this hat, and I cannot wait to check out some of their other selections, year around.


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