Support Black-Owned Businesses in NYC & Beyond

Sincerely, Tommy (above)

The events of last summer, BLM protests and COVID-19, saw many people rallying to support Black-owned businesses here in New York city and across the country and world — but sadly, since summer has ended, people forgot to keep sharing and supporting these businesses, so now that 2021 has kicked it, it’s time to re-visit and support them anew.

Gwen Beloti jewelry

And here is an article about why it helps society to do so:

Here is a useful link to more than 150 Black-owned businesses to bookmark and consult the next time you’re ordering food, cosmetics, accessories, beauty products, clothing, art, decor, books, furniture, drinks, fitness-related items, jewelry, shoes, petcare, pediatric care, media, toys, or other goods. Help all of our NYC community and world thrive! Start shopping:

Salone Monet Shoes

A Dozen Cousins

The Lit Bar

Peace Riot