Swiftly Cleansing: Introducing Resurrection Serum Slip Cleanser

I just wanna stay in that lavender haze… with this facial cleanser. No it doesn’t smell like lavender (it doesn’t smell like anything, actually), the bottle is a lovely lavender hue though. And glass, which is a plus. I’m growing kind of attached to it. ORPHEUS’ Resurrection serum slip cleanser has been creeping up on me. The serum formula foams into tiny bubbles that wash away all the grim from the day. Makeup. Dirt. Impurities. You name it, this washes it away. It lifts its weight in power: exfoliating, conditioning, and stimulating cellular turnover. I left it on for five minutes while I flossed and I felt a slight tingle. I suppose that’s the lime pearl and snow mushroom doing their jobs, going to work in my skin. I washed it off and felt how balanced my face was. Lovely. If you’re in the market for a new cleanser, ORPHEUS’ Resurrection serum slip cleanser will put you in a love spiral, babe.


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