Take the Bite Away for Summer Stings at Beaches, Forests, Lawns & Parks

If you ever wished for an all-natural product that could deliver immediate relief for the pain, itching and swelling that occurs after an insect bite, then you’ll love Take the Bite Away. Made in Germany, this small, hand-held devise is free from chemicals and works solely by concentrated heat upon the skin. Suitable for pregnant women, allergy sufferers, and children, its a self-applying battery operated (2x AA included) device that temporarily increases localized blood flow to the bite or sting, thereby providing relief through heat for either 3 or 5 seconds; children under 12 and people with sensitive skin opt for 3 seconds. Instead of slowly flushing out the insect’s saliva or venom over the course of days, Bite Away uses concentrated heat that can provide chemical-free relief in a matter of seconds through a ceramic contact surface.

You’ll get 300 uses per battery life, and this devise works on mosquito bites, ant bites, bee stings, and other flying or crawling critters that are definitely out to get you this spring and summer when you camp, go to the beach, play croquet, golf, grill outside, hike, trek, sit around a bonfire, and travel to distant terrains — so pack it in your weekender bag or picnic basket. In fact, you may even use it at home. Compact, portable, odor and mess-free, and it provides immediate relief.

Price: $29.99

Find it HERE and at Amazon + Target.


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