Tarot: The Plants Speak

My sister is magical. She’s been a believer of good will, supernatural powers, and life’s wisdom. So this past Christmas when I was able to visit her, I brought my Dirt Gems oracle cards. She shuffled them as I explained the suites being in four colorways: warm, cool, black and white, and rainbow. She admired the gold trim and asked me to draw a card. I happened to draw one of my favorites, the Primrose. A cool blue card with a little girl laying in bed as a star-studded hand places primrose onto her bed. I read out loud the meaning of the card and instantly was flooded with compassion and understanding. The card spoke to my journey in life. I shuffled the cards and my sister picked her card, getting Mugwort. She read through the booklet as I told her my experience with mugwort, an herb that encourages vivid dreams and relaxes the spirit. We played with the cards more; shuffling, picking, reading, understanding. It was a sisterly bond that took us away from the stresses of the holidays. And I can’t wait to share the beauty and joy of the oracle cards with friends, strangers, and myself this upcoming year. Start 2023 off right with this set from Dirt Gems.

Shop: The Dirt Gems: Plant Oracle Card & Book Set / 2nd Edition


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