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Imagine it… you’re heading through TSA and are told to remove all your electronics devices. You have your laptop in your backpack, phone cable in your carry on, and where did you put that portable charger?! You end up holding up the line as your fellow travelers zip past you in other lines. This is the Tenth Circle of Hell, which you could have avoided with these travel friendly items:

The Tech TravelerTripped Travel Gear

First step: you need to store your devices correctly. Tripped Travel Gear’s The Tech Traveler is the solution. This foolproof pouch means you’ll never lose a charging block or crush a cable again. It’s soft padding, snug hold, and upright position keeps everything together. Simply pack all your cables, ports, and portable chargers, plus a few pens: The Tech Traveler holds it all. It holds the smallest bits like SD cards or bulkier items like headphones. A must-have for anyone who even thinks about stepping on a plane, train, car, or ship.

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The Carry-on Set

If your tech is organized, why not your clothes? Tripped Travel Gear’s The Carry-On Set is an organization lifesaver. I recently took a day trip and was able to pack three dresses and all my undergarments in one bag. These compression bags make it beyond easy to pack, store, and go! I used to be the person who tried the rolling tips, but always ended up stressed by the end of my packing venture. The Carry-on Set renders it convenient to pack for each day and even use the bags as laundry bags, because let’s be real: separating dirty from clean is annoying after a trip. Save yourself the headache and just put this set in your cart.

EPICKA Type-105 International Travel Adapter

Going international? EPICKA Type-105 International Travel Adapter is the only adapter you’ll need. This little charger is beyond powerful: it’s compatible with 150 countries and regions. 150! The only place might be Antarctica and even then…EPICKA would have your back. It charges up to six devices simultaneously, plus a Type C port. Type-105 International Travel Adapter will be living right in my suitcase next to my passport this traveling season.

Looking to juice up your devices while supporting a good cause? Nimble is the answer. Nimble is 1% For the Planet, B-Certified, Certified Recycled Content, Climate Neutral and Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Nimble offers a free e-waste recycling program, so any old flip phones or cords can be given another life. Onto the products that are just as earth-friendly:

Nimble PowerKnit

I’m tired of cables breaking, splitting, and overall not working. Nimble’s PowerKnit cables is the solution. Made from Certified Recycled Plastic & Aluminum, it’s able to bounce back from 10,000 bends, so even if you’re charging from upside down or through a car window, PowerKnit cables will keep on powering! I’ve tested this charger out on my laptop and phone, charging halfway in 30 minutes. These cables are what you want while traveling worldwide, because no one has time for a dead device.

WALLY Pro Portable Wall Charger

Portable chargers are a necessity from daily life to traveling all day, ahem, looking at you walking tours in the middle of the jungle. The WALLY Pro Portable Wall Charger is a beast. This wall charger transforms into a portable charger, so best of both worlds in one device. It will keep you juiced up for three days straight. Unbelievable – I had to try it for myself. And that I did, by only using the WALLY Pro Portable Wall Charger to keep my laptop and phone alive. It lasted through four full charges with both devices for three days, without crashing my devices or becoming fiery to the touch. The Gallium nitride transfers more power, quicker, while using less energy. It’s super compact, around the size of a small flip phone, for easy carrying through airports and car rides. Get Nimble for any travel lover or tech head in your life!

Erdig Laptop Sleeve

My laptop is my baby. She comes with me everywhere from libraries, coffee shops, to bus rides. Like any parent I want the best for my child and that’s when I came across Terra Thread’s Erdig Laptop Sleeve. Made from organic cotton from the outside to the padding, this eco-friendly pouch keeps my laptop from being banged up in transit. I just slip it into my tote or backpack and head off, without any worries of dropping my device or it slipping out. I love the range of colors they offer and the pocket for any other necessities like notebooks, air pods, or pens. They are GOTS Certified, meaning no toxic chemicals in manufacturing and supporting workers’ rights and are made in a Fair Trade Certified™ Factory for the most ethical production. Choose a case and some of their other products like hoodies and bags for smoother travels HERE.
Bon Voyage!


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