Thanksgiving Wine & Spirits for Inspiring Feasts


Thanksgiving wouldn’t be quite as merry and gratitude sparking without some superb wine and spirits for toasting friends and family. Here are some we heartily recommend, along with the perfect coffee for your pumpkin pie.

Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are Thanksgiving wine staples and the Handcraft Artisan Collection does them well, adding a distinctive blend of Italian heritage varietals for enjoyment at the family table. The Cabernet Sauvignon is smoothly robust with fruity aromas as well as pepper and tobacco, clove spice, black cherry and dark chocolate. The Chardonnay is a lovely, honied floral with soft hints of lemon and green apple to pair with turkey. Read more at

Inspired by the treasured Dijon Clone 667 in France, the Delicato Family Vineyards 667 Pinot Noir was ranked among the top 10 Monteray red wines. You need only a few sips of this medium bodied, deep garnet wine to discern why. It’s earthy with hints of peat and it has a light taste in spite of a strong aroma; it’s a very silky red that will pair with a variety of food;

Juxtapoz is another fine offering from the Delicato Family Vineyards, and this new launch is a red wine blend that contrasts red grape varieties with more than 76% of the grapes hailing from Napa Valley. The Juxtapoz label is an original piece of art commissioned by Barcelona native Gabriel Moreno. Read more about this exquisite offering at

You might not be Lord or Lady Grantham, and you may not have Mr. Carson pouring wine for you this Thanksgiving, but you can still savor the spirit of British nobility with the Downton Abbey Wine Collection, created with fruit from the lauded Entre-Deux-Mers region of Bordeaux by family-owned vineyard Dulong Grand Vins (logging in more than 130 years of winemaking expertise). Find them at

Not a wine drinker at Thanksgiving, or someone who enjoys vodka as well? Try actor/producer /entrepreneur Robert DeNiro’s smooth VDKA 6100, created with Australian company Artisan Spirits Merchants. VDKA 6100 sponsored the Tribeca Film Festival this year and is found in all of Robert DeNiro’s hotels and restaurants. This remarkably polished and pure premium vodka is truly a global offering: it originated in Australia, is distilled in New Zealand using whey and spring water, it’s sculpted in France, designed in New York and brings a touch of Italy. Pair it with fresh grapefruit juice for a post-turkey Greyhound; you’ll love the graphics at

Coffee is an essential part of Thanksgiving dessert, and the better the coffee, the better the experience. Grace Hightower and Coffees of Rwanda fuses fair and equitable business practices with excellent product in this coffee line that supports the farmers in Rwanda. Sustainable businesses that support families for generations to come are key to a thriving community and environmental stewardship. Choose from Medium Light Roast, Medium Dark Roast, Signature Series, and Espresso Roast at

Happy Thanksgiving. A votre santé!

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