The AbsMaster Pro: Elite Abs + Core Trainer for Home

We’ve found a compact, well-designed and ultra-effective product that can enable you to work out your abs and core at home with very little space or expense: the AbsMaster Pro from AbsMaster Fitness. Easy to put together and use, all you need to add is your energy and favorite music or podcast. You can also tone your upper body, hips and legs, as well as improve your flexibility with the AbsMaster Pro.

This is so compact that it can easily fit in a drawer or closet, and can be used anywhere you’re able to do sit ups. It’s so lightweight that you can pack it in your luggage for hotel room workouts when we’re able to travel again in the future. In the meantime, tone those abs at home with this brilliant solution for pandemic-era workouts.

Find it HERE and remember it as a holiday gift for friends and family.

Check out the AbsMaster Pro video training series, too:


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