The Back Stretcher I Didn’t Think I Needed

Unlike approximately 25% of Americans, (according to the Center for Disease Control), I don’t suffer from lower back pain. However, I do sit at a computer for most of the day and that is tough on my neck, back, and shoulders. Do I need to use a back stretcher? I didn’t think I did. The Everlasting Comfort Back Stretcher convinced me otherwise.

The Everlasting Comfort Back Stretcher is assembled using three main parts—the base, support arch and a memory foam cover. I assembled it in under ten minutes. I could definitely feel that my back was being stretched during my first session, but it wasn’t painful or difficult to perform the stretch. Then again, I am used to getting down and getting up from floor level to perform floor exercises. The instruction manual reminds new users to take it slow and easy because “your body has just done a major stretch.” Yes! It surely did!

Since I don’t suffer from back pain, I mostly use the Everlasting Comfort Back Stretcher for lumbar support. It comes with a strap that you pull through the slot holes of the support arch before securing it to the front of your chair, positioning it at any point along your spine where you feel the need for support. The company recommends placing it near the lower back area for proper posture, but you can slide it upwards on the chair to support your middle or upper back.

Using the Everlasting Comfort Back Stretcher for lumbar support has made an incredible difference in the way I sit and is definitely improving my posture. I’m happily using it to prevent lower back problems. The Everlasting Comfort Back Stretcher is providing the support I didn’t think I needed.


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