The Big Blue is Here!

Shine bright with Big Blue, the latest addition to the Starface fam. Starface has taken their iconic acne patches (infused in salicylic acid) and made a compact for on-the-go use. It comes in a cool aqua-blue color with a nifty mirror for quick touch ups. I’ve been testing these stellar patches out on my hormonal acne for the past two weeks. Salicylic acid is known in the skincare world to go deep, detoxify pores, and brighten skin. The star shape contours to the shape of the breakout and keeps out all the icky bacteria. While I was in a store searching for the perfect avocado for Cinco de Mayo, I noticed a girl who had a few Starface patches on her face. We both smiled in Starface solidarity. Big Blue launches May 10th. Pick it up here before she floats back to outer space!

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